intelliPACK Smart Packaging Workshops


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Early PM Session: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM – Get a crash course on intelligent packaging

Smart Packaging for Managers – by intelliPACK, PAC and intelliFLEX 

Turbocharge your Graphics Canada experience with this one-day course, jointly held by PAC, Packaging Consortium and intelliFLEX, exploring the world of smart packaging.

This course dives into the rapidly growing market for active and intelligent packaging (also known as “smart packaging”) that’s enabled by flexible, hybrid and printable electronics (FHE). While this course is non-technical, it will touch on key technologies involved in smart packaging.

Product packaging and in-store retail displays are already spurring a paradigm shift across the retail supply chain to better manage logistics, prevent product theft, spoilage, tampering and counterfeiting, and transform the humble package into a digital marketing platform to achieve new levels of consumer engagement.

What you will learn

  • Definitions of active and intelligent packaging solutions and their ecosystems
  • Major shifts in consumer and market trends impacting the future of retail
  • Application examples throughout the value chain, from production to inventory management to consumer interaction and recycling
  • Core technologies involved, including interactive software solutions and the utilization of data for insights and increased sales
  • Key players in smart packaging and smart retail
  • Solutions you can develop and implement in your business, along with lessons learned from brand owners, packaging companies and retailers

Who should attend?

  • Companies involved in the production of food & beverage, personal care, healthcare,
  • Packaging companies involved in medical device packaging, automotive, industrial product packaging and other verticals
  • Brand owners, packaging converters and material suppliers
  • Consultants and analysts
  • Technology companies and government organizations interested in developing better insight into applications for this market
  • Research organizations planning to develop solutions for this market

Testimonials “The intelliPACK course provides an excellent grounding of the technologies, materials, and applications of smart packaging. It also provides the critical information to build the business case – why this added intelligence matters across the supply chain, from manufacturers, to
brand owners and retailers.” – James Downham, President and CEO, PAC

Register now at the early bird rate of $75 before March 28th. Your registration includes Graphics Canada show admission ($20 value). Please click here to register now.


Late PM Session – 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Explore the world of flexible and printable electronics… in just 90 minutes with intelliFLEX’s Overview Course in Flexible, Hybrid and Printable Electronics (FHE)

In this 90-minute course we review the supply chain for creating and integrating flexible, hybrid and printable electronics into your products and applications. We explore the technology, its applications, and where FHE-enabled products are already in the market or soon will be.

FHE is the toolbox for building not just the Internet of Things, but the Internet of Everything. It enables the creation of:

  • Smart business cards, conference tickets that can hold information beyond what is printed on them
  • Smart retail displays that can placed at point sales that can connect consumers to additional product or sales information on the spot
  • Smart packaging to drive new ways to manage the retail supply chain where you can monitor location or temperature.
  • Freshness indicator for food products, authentication for the high priced drinks
  • Connection to some fun in-line games or rewards for the consumer.

These application all have the beginnings in the printable and flexible electronics components that are added to existing packaging and retail tools. This course will show you the building blocks of the technologies and production processes that are applied printing simple electronics functions.

Who should attend?

Potential technology users and developers who wish to learn more about FHE and how to integrate it into products for a range of applications. Managers that want to learn more about how to get started or how assess the opportunity for their companies adding intelligence to ordinary objects.

Testimonials “The FHE course was very helpful in providing an overview of the many different technologies and processes now available in the field of printed electronics. The course also supplied
practical examples and explained how hybrid and flexible electronics can be used as building blocks in complete solutions. It is a well-thought-out program and supplies plenty of reference materials to use when delving into specifics. I would recommend it to anyone interested in this sector.” – Howard Campbell, Memtronik Innovations

“This is a great course where one can get a broad perspective on FHE and explore the available opportunities and know-how of the industry.” – Rakesh Sahu, McMaster University

“A great crash course that provides a general understanding of this exciting industry and its trends.” – Ahmer Beg, Authentic or Not

“Perfect opportunity to soft land into the printable/ flexible electronics industry through the content and chapter modules of this course.” – Edward Jerjian, Acquire Industries

Register now at the discounted rate of $75 before March 28th.  Or save and select both the early PM and late PM sessions above for $135. Your registration includes Graphics Canada show admission ($20 value). Please click here to register now.