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Thursday, April 11

11 AM -12 PM The Adobe PDF Print Experience                        

The PDF file format is more than 25 years old. It’s easy to take it for granted. But PDF is the richest and most robust imaging model in the graphic arts, and it continues to evolve. That’s important because print is changing too. This session will explore these emerging opportunities, the latest PDF standards (PDF 2.0 and PDF/X-6), and the power of PDF to manage even the most graphically complex print job.

Speaker  Mark Lewiecki, senior product manager, Adobe PDF Print Engine

Lewiecki worked as a typesetter in the days before desktop publishing and started programming PostScript when the “Red Book” was first published. He implemented a large-scale prepress operation for retail production, integrating best-of-breed technologies when single-supplier, turnkey solutions were the norm. Lewiecki moved into product management, first in the DAM arena, then back to his prepress roots as a member of the Adobe print team.


1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Print Leaders on the future of the industry

These CEOs have reshaped their companies and are leading the charge in reshaping this industry. They will tackle topics such as technology, opportunities and challenges in the evolving industry, and how they plan to deal with fast approaching changes brought on by huge technological developments.

Panel: Peter Spring, CEO, TI Group; Paolo Naccarato, Senior Vice President, Global Accounts, SGS; Serge Loubier, President, Marquis Book Printing; George Perreira, Vice President of Digital Print and Client Experience, Whitebird; Scott Crosby – VP Sales & Marketing, Holland & Crosby

Moderated by Tony Karg, Director, Channel & Field Marketing, Ricoh Canada


Friday, April 12

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEOs Fireside Chat with Frank Romano – Print CEO industry insights

CEOs from the largest and forward-looking manufacturers and supplies will debate and share insights into how the graphics industry will change, evolve and grow over the next few years. Hear the predictions from the executives who will lead the transformation.

Panel: Michio Kondo, President Fujifilm Canada; Glenn Laverty, CEO Ricoh Canada; Nobuhiko Kitajima, President and CEO, Canon Canada; Al Varney, President Xerox Canada

moderated by Frank Romano, Professir Emeritus, RIT


11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Keynote Presentation 1 – The Transformation Mandate, sponsored by Konica Minolta

Chris Bondy, Distinguished Professor, RIT School of Media Sciences 

The printing industry has been under constant siege over the past 10 years: the influx of new technologies, expanding services, acquiring top talent, integrating with new partners—these are just a few disruptive demands. For printing companies to advance, they need to take an inventory of where they stand today and how they are positioned for the future. In this session RIT Professor and co-founder/author of Unsquaring the Wheel, Chris Bondy will highlight significant trends that impact our industry and outline a mandate for change. Chris will also provide insights into a transformational process that every printer can adopt to evaluate their unique operation and refocus scarce resources on the most important initiatives.

Chris Bondy is the Gannett Distinguished Professor at RIT’s School of Media Sciences and is co-author of the industry renowned book; Unsquaring The Wheel. Bondy has over three decades of industry experience in strategy, business development, product planning, process reengineering, workflow integration, and sales/direct marketing communications.

Chris is also Principal, Quest Consulting Solutions, LLC., a strategy development, workflow analysis, and research firm. He is an active idustry speaker/trainer, and expert witness, leading strategic consulting initiatves for solution providers and service providers around the globe.


12:30 -1:30 Keynote Presentation 2 – Digital Printing and Inkjet Trends 

Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus, RIT 

The traditional cutsheet digital printer using liquid or powder toner is being joined by B1, B2 and other versions using inkjet and nanographic printing. Roll-fed digital printers abound. Inkjet printing is permeating every aspect of printing, from labels to transactional to promotional to books and more. Wide-format printing for signage has been joined by sheet-fed and roll-fed models for direct mail and general commercial work.

Frank Romano has spent 60 years in the printing and publishing industries. Many know him best as the editor of the International Paper “Pocket Pal” or from the hundreds of articles he has written for publications around the world. He is the author of 60 books, including the 10,000-term Encyclopedia of Graphic Communications (with Richard Romano), the standard reference in the field. His books on QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, and PDF workflow were among the first in their fields. He has authored most of the books on digital printing. One of his books is the 800-page textbook for Moscow State University.


1:30 PM – 2:30 PM 20/20 A New Print Culture

Five women leaders from various sectors of the graphics industry share their stories and experiences, offer their take on the opportunities available to women and lead a discussion of what how the industry can attract new talent. Panel will focus on the challenges facing the Printing Industry in 2020- specifically:
• attracting new talent
• internal training
• culture within the organization & the industry
• succession planning and strategies
• encouraging women into print
Drawing on the expertise of the panel with their own business building talents it will address these key points, and whatever arises from them.

Panel: Debbie Gilbert, President, PRX Print; Christine Yardley, President, Print Panther; Julie Watson, President, Ultimate Technographics; Debra Swift, Director, Brand Relationship Management; Louise Albert – Sales Executive and Production Expert; Moderated by Marg Macleod, DIA President


2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Leadership & Entrepreneurship Strategies for Smaller Firms

Entrepreneurship is what drives owners to shoot for goals that may seem to be beyond their reach. Donald Rumball examines the key elements that determine successful entrepreneurship and will show you how to foster it among your staff so that you can meet those goals. Speaker   Donald Rumball, author, commentator and researcher

Rumball’s most recent book, Ambition, examines entrepreneurs and their interaction with big business and big finance. He has written three books on entrepreneurs, is the founder of Profit magazine and has served as Entrepreneur-in-residence at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

Presented & Sponsored by Konica Minolta