Graphics Canada Seminar Series

Graphics Canada Seminar Series Theatre 1, Show Floor, Hall 5

Al presentations, panels and sessions are free for show attendees

Thursday, April 6th

1:00pm Future of Print Panel 1

Key Executives from our industry will share their insights including:

Jamie Barbieri, President, Phipps Dickson Integra
Todd Cober, Vice President, Cober
Rich Paupitt, President, Flash Reproductions
Sean Murray, President & CEO, Advocate Printing

Panel Moderator: Tony Karg, Director Field & Channel Marketing, Ricoh Canada

Join us for a strategic discussion of the Future of Print where we will explore key trends from drupa 2016, and how market and business forces are impacting our industry.

How will the changing mix of toner, inkjet and offset print, and the digital evolution of  workflow impact the mix of solutions offered to your customer?

What are the top things we should (or shouldn’t be doing) to be more successful.

Where are the next generation of talent coming from and how is that continuing to change.

2:00pm The Future of Print 2 – a Designer’s Perspective on the World of Print

Join us for one of the most exciting conversations on the Future of Print with top Canadian creative directors and design agencies principals including:

Dominic Ayre, Creative Director, Hambly & Woolley

Yen Chu, Creative Director of Design, J. Walter Thompson Toronto

Fidel Peña, Co-Founder, Creative Director, Underline Studio

Tony Ponzo, Creative Director, Haft2 Inc.

Stussy Tschudin, Principal, Forge Media

Moderated by Beth Ann Kilberg-Walsh, VP marketing commercial excellence-Xerox.

3:00pm  Investment & Acquisition Planning and how to grow your sales for Business Growth:

Jay Mandarino, President and CEO of C.J. Graphics, provides a real-world view on investing for your business and increasing the value of your company at the same time. Jay will discuss the opportunities, advantages, struggles and challenges of securing investment capital, or acting as a buyer or seller of mergers and acquisitions.

With a unique perspective on issues concerning both buyer and seller, Mandarino has served as an M&A facilitator for at least 35 proposals between third parties trying to reach a purchase agreement.

He has also tripled the size of his own print operation, with ten acquisitions over the last five years.

His interactive session will include an extended Q&A period to address any attendee questions.

Jay will also focus on growing your business by sales sharing some of his successful strategies!

Don’t hold back as Jay will answer anything you ask!

Speaker: Jay Mandarino, President & CEO of The C.J. Group of Companies,


Friday, April 7th


10:30 am – 4:30 pm Label Forum Canada

Free for show attendees


Saturday, April 8th


10:30am – 11:15am Hiring, Managing & Motivating To The Optimum Printing Sales DNA  

In 2015, Dave Fellman conducted the Printing Sales DNA Project, a research study to determine what skills, attitudes and personality traits are most important to printing salespeople. In this session, he will share the findings of this study, which will help you to train, manage and motivate your salespeople more effectively — and also help you to make better sales hires in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to assess your current salespeople against the optimum Printing Sales DNA
  2. How to train necessary skills, and motivate better attitudes
  3. How to apply the principle of “money talks” to your compensation plan


11:15am – 12:00pm Seeing CIE LabPresented by Steve Suffoletto, Assistant Professor, Erie Community College, Buffalo, NY

CIE Lab is the world’s standard for specifying and communicating colour. CIE Lab is used in all phases of print production workflow, in prepress, press and quality control. CIE Lab has the largest gamut volume and is device independent, so is used as the Profile Connection Space (PCS) with ICC profiles for colour management. Since CIE Lab is a 3-dimensional colour space, it’s best explained by showing it in 3D. This visually intensive and interestingly informative seminar will explain and show, using 3D software, the 3 attributes of CIE Lab and LCh colour space. The CIE Lab colour space will be progressively built starting from paper white, to solid black, then showing the neutral gray scale axis. Next both primary solids and secondary overprints will be graphed with their tints and shades to build the basic wireframe gamut shape. Finally, common colour gamut’s will be showed to discuss the issues of matching colours between different devices and spaces. Now you will know exactly why Pantone Reflex Blue cannot be matched with 4/c process.

What you will learn:
Understand the 3 attributes of CIE Lab and LCh color space by viewing them in 3-dimensions.
Visualize the relationships between CMY subtractive primaries and their RGB secondary overprint colors, in their lighter tints, darker shades, and neutral gray balance.
Compare the shape, size, and volume of various subtractive CMYK color gamuts (SNAP, SWOP, GRACoL) by rotating and tilting them in 3-dimensions.
Understand how Photoshop and other software programs identify out-of-gamut process screen tint builds of Pantone solid spot colors.
Visualize the meaning of Delta E color difference as the geometric distance between 2 points in 3-D color space.
Who should attend:
Graphic Artist & Designers, Print Buyers, Prepress Technicians, Quality Control, Press Operators


1:00pm  Future of Print Panel 3 – 3D Printing for Commercial Printers 

Steve ArtSeto PM

Join us for a delightful discussion about using 3D printing in the commercial printing world. Why and why not?

What are the current trends in educational 3D modeling and industry rapid prototyping?

What are the latest technologies and how do they relate to graphics printers?

What are the top things to consider to decide whether you should pursue or outsource 3D printing?

How to stay ahead of the curve while staying clear of unrealistic and overhyped expectations?