Graphics Canada Seminar Series

This is a sneak preview at some of the exciting keynotes and seminars we have lined up for Graphics Canada. Topics and speakers may change, please visit this page again for an updated agenda, days, times and registration details


Keynote Presentation

Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus, RIT

Few people have the insights, knowledge and experience that Frank Romano brings to the graphic arts industry. He’ll share his insights about the key trends and developments that are shaping the future of print


How lean manufacturing can boost your bottom Line

The more waste you have in your processes, the less money you make. Lean concepts are designed to weed out the waste, put more effective and automated processes in place, and increase your bottom line.

Speaker: Dan Sparrow, President, Sparrow & Associates


Tap the new print-buyer mindset to drive profitability

Millennials and GenZs have their own distinct values, ideas, and tastes and print it isn’t going away as fast as many people think. These new print consumers want to be given format options so they can choose for themselves. This session takes a look into the role that print plays in the always-on digital world of Millennials and Gen Zs.

Speaker: Joanne Gore, Founder, Joanne Gore Communications                                                                 


Inject funds into your business with government grants and loans

Government funding fall into four categories: innovation, workforce development, diversification and capitalization.  Our speakers are experts in securing money for businesses and they’ll show you the strategies that highly increase your chances of success.

Speakers: Elliot Schiller, Harry Singh, Partners of Teeger Schiller Inc.                                                        


Mergers and acquisition trends in today’s industry

Whether you’re thinking of selling or buying, there are opportunities. But you have to be strategically positioned and understand the trends. This seminar will deliver insights into the key trends shaping the mergers and acquisitions landscape.

Speaker: Peter Schafer, Partner, New Direction Partners                                                    


How to grow your company even in a declining market

Every industry, and every company, has potential for growth, even in a flat or declining market. You have to get strategic about how you conduct business. Our seminar will show you the several fail-proof ways of growing the top line.

Speaker: Maurice Dutrisac, Principal, Mastermind Solutions Inc. 


Eduselling – The new way to sell your services

One of the best ways to engage potential customers is to position yourself as a thought leader who uses education to cement the bonds of customer loyalty. Learn the best strategies in this seminar.

Speaker: Kelly Mallozzi, Founder,



Oiling your color management machine

Colour is important. This primer will delve into some of the pressing, and not-so-pressing pressing, issues that surround the reproduction of colour.

Speaker: John Seymour, Founder,                                                                  


The Adobe PDF print experience

The PDF file format is 25 years old and continues to evolve to embrace new technologies.

This session will explore these emerging opportunities, the latest PDF standards (PDF 2.0 and PDF/X-6), and the power of PDF to manage even the most graphically complex print job.

Speaker: Mark Lewiecki, Senior Product Manager, Adobe


Strategies for exporting in the new USMCA era

We are operating in a new North American and global business climate. It’s certainly challenging, but it’s also full of opportunities. Experts from Export Development Canada will show you what you need to know about the new deal and will also outline how you can explore the potential of global exporting.

Speaker: Export Development Canada


Can you make money with industrial printing?

Industrial printing is a hot buzzword. Just what does it mean, and do you have a profitable role to play in this space. Our speaker is one of the top researchers and speakers in North American and he’ll go into the nitty gritty of this emerging sector.

Speaker: Mark Hanley, President, I.T. Strategies


Packaging strategies for commercial printers

Packaging is strong market, but it has its own challenging requirement. From a look at the latest technologies, to the strategies commercial printers need to employ for success, this seminar will cover all the basics.

Speaker: Kevin Karstedt, President, Karstedt Partners