Graphics Canada Seminar Series

This is a sneak preview at some of the exciting keynotes and seminars we have lined up for Graphics Canada. Topics and speakers may change, please visit this page again for an updated agenda, days, times and registration details


Keynote Presentation Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus, RIT

Digital Printing and Inkjet Trends
The traditional cutsheet digital printer using liquid or powder toner is being joined by B1, B2 and other versions using inkjet and nanographic printing. Roll-fed digital printers abound. Inkjet printing is permeating every aspect of printing, from labels to transactional to promotional to books and more. Wide-format printing for signage has been joined by sheet-fed and roll-fed models for direct mail and general commercial work.

Frank Romano has spent 60 years in the printing and publishing industries. Many know him best as the editor of the International Paper “Pocket Pal” or from the hundreds of articles he has written for publications around the world. He is the author of 60 books, including the 10,000-term Encyclopedia of Graphic Communications (with Richard Romano), the standard reference in the field. His books on QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, and PDF workflow were among the first in their fields. He has authored most of the books on digital printing. One of his books is the 800-page textbook for Moscow State University.


 Print Leaders on the future of the industry

These CEOs have reshaped their companies and are leading the charge in reshaping this industry. They will tackle topics such as technology, opportunities and challenges in the evolving industry, and how they plan to deal with fast approaching changes brought on by huge technological developments.


Peter Spring, CEO, TI Group

Paolo Naccarato, Senior Vice President, Global Accounts, SGS

Serge Loubier, President, Marquis Book Printing

George Perreira, Vice President of Digital Print and Client Experience, Whitebird

Scott Crosby – VP Sales & Marketing, Holland & Crosby


Print CEO Panel

CEOs from the largest and forward-looking manufacturers and supplies will debate and share insights into how the graphics industry will change, evolve and grow over the next few years. Hear the predictions from the executives who will lead the transformation.


Michio Kondo, President, Fujifilm Canada

Chris Dewart, CEO, Konica Minolta Canada

Glenn Laverty, President & CEO, Ricoh Canada

Moderator – Frank Romano


Women and Print Panel

Five women leaders from various sectors of the graphics industry share their stories and experiences, offer their take on the opportunities available to women and lead a discussion of what how the industry can attract new talent.


Debbie Gilbert, president, PRX Print

Christine Yardley, president, Print Panther

Julie Watson, president, Ultimate Technographics

Debra Swift, director, Brand Relationship Management

Louise Albert – sales executive and production expert


Automated workflow systems are key to profits

Automation is the best strategy for lowering costs and increasing profitability. As critical as automation is today, it will become critical as technologies like AI take hold. We present two seminars on this topic on alternating days, that delve into the how to automate your operation, regardless of size, how to do it efficiently, and what rewards you can expect.

Panels participants: Significans Automation, Avanti, Enfocus


New Opportunities in the wide format sector

Wide format printing isn’t just for signs anymore. It’s been said that if you can hold it still, you can image on it. Two seminars will take a close look at this evolving segment of the market. We’ll look at the sign market, but also at some of the new applications, such as textiles, décor, packaging, labelling and specialty applications that are now part of the wide-format space.

Moderator: Vince DeFranco


Industrial Print – what is it, can you be part of it?

It’s a segment everyone is talking about. But what exactly is industrial print, and is it for everyone? One of the foremost experts and researchers in this segment will look at how exactly industrial print should be defined, take you on a tour of the significant technology driving growth, and provide in-depth projections for the size and potential of this intriguing sector.

Speaker  Mark Hanley, president, I.T. Strategies

Mark Hanley founded I T Strategies in 1992 in Boston as a strategic consultancy specialized in industrial digital printing, inkjet technology and early market development practices. Today, I.T. Strategies is one of the most-respected research bodies in the industry. Hanley came to consulting through the paper industry where he began his career in Germany, subsequently working in most of the major European continental countries.


Hot to tap into government funding at all levels

Government funding falls into four categories: innovation, workforce development, diversification, and capitalization and funding. Learn about the specific grants and tax incentives and come away with insights for presenting your business in the best light to secure these money.

Speaker  Elliot Schiller, president, Teeger Schiller

Schiller helps small to medium sized businesses secure government funding. His team works with the graphics arts, information technology, automotive, biological sciences, tool and die, apparel, textile, and materials development sectors. Teeger Schiller secures more than $5 million in funding for their clients annually.


Strategies for growing your business in a declining market                                

Do you have the right products and services for future growth? Are you on track to achieve performance goals? Do you have adequate financial resources to see you to success? Maurice Dutrisac can quickly and accurately determine which changes are necessary to achieve the growth you need with his unique organizational design technology. He will examine the link between the goals of your company and how managers and your staff are working to achieve those objectives.

Speaker  Maurice Dutrisac, founding partner, Mastermind Solutions

Since 1999 Dutrisac has consulted for a wide spectrum of CEOs and business owners and helped them achieve double-digit growth. He is the author of The Book if CEO Success-How to Grow by Double Digit Growth Every Year. Prior to founding Mastermind Solutions, he held senior executive positions with the world’s largest companies including Domtar.


The Adobe PDF Print Experience                            

The PDF file format is more than 25 years old. It’s easy to take it for granted. But PDF is the richest and most robust imaging model in the graphic arts, and it continues to evolve. That’s important because print is changing too. This session will explore these emerging opportunities, the latest PDF standards (PDF 2.0 and PDF/X-6), and the power of PDF to manage even the most graphically complex print job.


Speaker  Mark Lewiecki, senior product manager, Adobe PDF Print Engine

Lewiecki worked as a typesetter in the days before desktop publishing and started programming PostScript when the “Red Book” was first published. He implemented a large-scale prepress operation for retail production, integrating best-of-breed technologies when single-supplier, turnkey solutions were the norm. Lewiecki moved into product management, first in the DAM arena, then back to his prepress roots as a member of the Adobe print team.


What exactly do Millennials want?

This generation has its own distinct values, ideas and tastes, and while they embrace digital, they haven’t walked away from print. They simply want options, so they can choose what they want, when they want and how they want it. This session delves into the role that print plays in the always-on world of the Millennials and Gen Zs, and the strategies that are most effective for engaging this elusive group.

Speaker  Joanne Gore, president, Joanne Gore Communications

Joanne Gore is a B2B marketer who’s passionate about print and has spent the last three decades helping companies of all sizes maximize their marketing and communications efforts. A consultant and founder of Joanne Gore Communications she is an industry speaker and regular magazine contributor, the president of Xplor Canada and a member of the Xplor ABOD.


Leadership and entrepreneurship strategies for smaller firms

Entrepreneurship is what drives owners to shoot for goals that may seem to be beyond their reach. Donald Rumball examines the key elements that determine successful entrepreneurship and will show you how to foster it among your staff so that you can meet those goals.

Speaker   Donald Rumball, author, commentator and researcher

Rumball’s most recent book, Ambition, examines entrepreneurs and their interaction with big business and big finance. He has written three books on entrepreneurs, is the founder of Profit magazine and has served as Entrepreneur-in-residence at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.


The wonders and opportunities of 3D printing

3D printing is an exciting technology adding sizzle to marketing campaigns and experiential events. Is it for everyone? Should you start offering these services? How do you sell them, price them and get the jobs done? Our speaker, a leading-edge adopter of 3D printing will answer all these questions.

Glenn Freeman, manager, imaging operations, Media Resources


Exporting opportunities in the age of UMSCA

The environment for exporting, just like everything else, is fundamentally shifting. Opportunities still exist, but the rules are changing. Our expert from Export Development Canada will review the landscape, provide options for a way forward, outline other exporting opportunities beyond the traditional markets, and tell you what resources you can tap into if you’re looking to expand beyond our boundaries.

Speaker  Ryan Oxley, account manager,  Commercial Markets and Small Business Team, Export Development Canada


How lean manufacturing can boost your bottom Line

The more waste you have in your processes, the less money you make. Lean concepts are designed to weed out the waste, put more effective and automated processes in place, and increase your bottom line. Regardless of the size of your operation, everyone can cut out the waste.

Speaker Dan Sparrow, president, Sparrow & Associates

Dan Sparrow has held a variety of senior positions with global software developers and equipment manufacturers. He holds a Masters degree in Sustainable Commerce, and advanced certifications in Behavioral Economics, Negotiation, and Lean Six Sigma.


What you need to know about selling or buying a business

The pace of consolidation is picking up. Whether you’re thinking that this is a good time to sell you business, or buy one to expand your offerings, out speaker will provide valuable insight he’s gleaned from handling several high-profile transactions. Learn about the process of preparing for sale, navigating the negotiations process, what to look for in a potential buy and how to entegrate it in your existing operations.

Speaker  Mike Collinge, EVP new business and strategy

Mike Collinge is one of the leaders of this industry. He led Webcom, one of the premier book-printing operations, for years before he merged his company with Marquis Book Printing. Prior to that he had negotiated the acquisition of several companies. Now, EVP new business and strategy, he has a wealth of information drawn from the front lines of this industry.


Social Media Strategy

Social Media is overwhelming and time consuming. And as with everything digital, the conversation moves quickly. Social media use is evolving, as are the challenges and opportunities to generate leads and monitor customer perceptions. Where do you start? What channels should you focus on? Is it relevant for my business? These are some the topics our presenter will focus on.

Speaker  Leslie Hughes, Principal, PUNCH!media

Leslie Hughes specializes in helping professionals and organizations optimize their presence on sites such as LinkedIn. She has been called a “Social Media Guru” by CBC Radio and has also been a guest on CTV’s The Social talking about How to Manage your Digital Identity. She is also the author of Create. Connect. Convert, which is designed to help you own your value and build a powerful professional presence (without feeling like you’re bragging).