Future of Print Panel 3 - 3D Printing for Commercial Printers

Saturday, April 8th, 1:00pm   

Steve ArtSeto PM

Hall 5, Show Floor, Graphics Canada Theatre 1 

Join us for a delightful discussion about using 3D printing in the commercial printing world. Why and why not?

What are the current trends in educational 3D modeling and industry rapid prototyping?

What are the latest technologies and how do they relate to graphics printers?

What are the top things to consider to decide whether you should pursue or outsource 3D printing?

How to stay ahead of the curve while staying clear of unrealistic and overhyped expectations?


Key Experts from 3D industry will share their insights including:

Steve Cory, President, Objex Unlimited Inc. and Selftraits 3D

Art Seto, Associate Professor, Graphic Communications Management, Ryerson University

Peter Lau, Maker-in-Chief, Makerwiz