Printing Sales Training Day

Topics, agenda and times to be posted January 2019, below is the 2017 sales training program.

Hall 5, Aviation Room

Back by unanimous requests! Take advantage of the opportunity to build 21st Century Printing Sales Skills and Attitudes. This year’s Printing Sales Training Day is made up of two half-day seminar programs which can be combined into a full day of learning. The morning session is all about solid fundamentals—a must for entry and intermediate level salespeople! The afternoon program will present advanced selling skills that will take experienced salespeople to the next level. Experienced salespeople may also benefit from a refresher course on the fundamentals, and entry and intermediate level salespeople should benefit from exposure to next-level selling skills. These programs relate to every segment of the graphic arts industry — offset, digital, packaging, labels, large format, signage and specialty graphics. One session or both sessions, it’s your choice! Presented by an acknowledged industry printing expert, Dave Fellman!


PrintSelling 1: Solid Fundamentals, 

PrintSelling 1 is a seminar for entry and intermediate level salespeople. It provides a solid, fundamental approach to prospecting, gaining appointments and identifying the “hot buttons” that will help to close the sale. It covers each of the prospecting challenges in turn, from identifying good “suspects” to identifying decision-makers to getting past gatekeepers and voice mail and other common obstacles and objections. It also covers basic networking strategy and technique.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to work the prospecting process from “suspect” to “prospect” to “customer”
  • How to qualify or disqualify prospects according to three key criteria
  • How to handle the most common early-stages obstacles and objections, including gatekeepers and voice mail
  • How to identify pain points, risk factors and other hot buttons
  • How to network effectively, using both old and new media and channels

PrintSelling 2: Advanced Selling Skills,

PrintSelling 2 is a seminar for experienced and successful salespeople. It’s all about getting to the next level, which includes making the time, maximizing current customers and catching a few more of the big fish in the marketplace. This seminar stresses the importance of planning, and will teach your salespeople how to develop an appropriate “sell-to” plan for each prospect and customer. It will also teach them how to “talk marketing” to customers and prospects, a critical skill for anyone making the transition from “Print Provider” to “Marketing Services Provider”.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to stay organized and manage time effectively in the real world of printing sales
  • How to gain Three Levels of Value from your new (and current) customers
  • How to maximize your value and minimize the importance of price in the buying decision
  • How to plan your next step(s) with each customer and prospect
  • How to position yourself as a real marketing resource

PrintSelling 1 and 2 can be taken as standalones, or combined into a full day or learning. Early Bird Tuition (register before March 28) is $79 for one program or $135 for both. If you’re looking for maximum training with minimum time away from the field, this is the program for you! Register now for these dynamic seminars and save! Registration after March 28 is $99 for one program and $175 for both.