Keynote Presentations

Please check back in January 2015 for the updated program

Thursday, Nov. 21, 9 AM – 10 AM, free for all show attendees, Vela room

“Will Nanography™ change your future?”


Presented By Kristof Dekeukelaere, Landa Digital Printing North American Regional Sales Manager

Discover new and exciting innovations in print production as Kristof presents Landa Nanographic Printing™ technology for commercial, folding carton, flexible packaging and label applications. Learn how this technology evolved and how it will advance future digital printing methods and techniques and make them competitive with offset in terms of quality, speed and cost.

Friday, Nov. 22, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM, free for all show attendees, Vela room

Create your own recovery


Presented by Andrew Paparozzi , Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, NAPL

Waiting for the economy to turn up or the competition to shake out isn’t the answer. Getting more efficient, more competitive, and more valuable to our clients is.

Mr. Paparozzi will discuss how we can create our own recovery by taking simple but effective actions such as:

• Hearing the voice of our best clients more clearly

• Asking the right questions

• Establishing ourselves as experts

• Defining our competitive advantage

• Understanding, solving, and documenting

• Focusing on what’s most important.

• Creating a “Recovery Manifesto.”

Mr. Paparozzi’s message: There’s plenty of opportunity in the graphic arts—just not in the same old places or by doing the same old things.

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