Cross Media Conference

Please check back in January 2015 for the updated program

Thursday Nov. 21, 2013

Cross Media Theatre, Show Floor, Hall 2, Free sessions with your show badge.


10:15 AM

Boost your Direct Mail with the power of email marketing

Gain a Perspective on List-Building & Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

The Power of your customer-base lies in your communication with them; both direct and online. Email remains to be the most powerful, cost-effective digital marketing tool that can help keep you connected with your clients, grow your business and generate more referrals.

Creative Direct Mail Campaigns can still be a great way to draw a ton of traffic & attention. However, why not combine direct mail with Email to generate additional reach.

And do so within a permission based environment.

With the new anti-spam legislation, some marketers are worried that they will lose the power of their list. They won’t! In fact, it will actually become more powerful.

Learn to master Email Marketing communications with a comprehensive look at best practices like the ideal time to send email, build stronger subject lines and how other business owners & non-for-profits are increasing engagement, revenue and profits.

Javed S. Khan, Accredited Authorized Local Expert, President & Founder, EMpression: A Marketing Services Company

11:15 AM

The power of variable printing

Variable printing is more than just slapping a name on an envelope. Variable data printing opens a world of marketing information for printers. Providing vital information of customers’ needs and preferences, VDP proves to be beneficial for the customer, but also to businesses. In this session learn how gathering this detailed customer information for use in direct marketing pieces can easily cater to your customer’s needs.

Panel discussion moderated by Amy Bostock, DM News

12:15 PM

Data is the game changer!

Right across the DM media spectrum, the data you choose to collect and use, is fundamental to your campaign success and business growth. Period. DATA 101 is for you, the start-up who is confused by the glitzy terminology and recipes for success out there. It is also for experienced, thoughtful marketers who want to review the essentials. Learn five data essentials that up your game and grow business.

Kristi Kanitz, General Manager, Flagship Software and Director, Hosted by NAMMU

1:15 PM

Nissan North America mixes things up to Keep Summer Rolling

An in-depth overview of the different components of the campaign and how they were createdLearnings on how to balance messages in a multi-channel campaign to drive engagement Customer experience mapping and how it can influence your communication approachA vision for the future of cross-channel communication in the automotive industry

Michael Oliver, SR VP Creative Director The Marketing Store Worldwide

2:15 PM

The Risks of Misleading Information

Canadian Consumers For Paper Options(CCPO) is a newly formed Alliance to provide a strong unified voice for Canada’s Paper Based Communications Industry and for consumers and companies who desire to retain paper as a choice for their communication needs. Laura will speak about the economic contribution of the mailing industry in Canada and the need to dispel the false environmental claims about paper. CPPO needs you to participate in curbing this unfair “Demand Destruction”

Laura Artibello, President, CCPO

3:15 PM

DirectMail: It Just Makes 5 Senses

Today more than ever consumers are looking to be entertained, engaged and amused. And no other channel has the means to connect with a consumer on so many levels. In fact, it can engage with all five senses. Touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell. By leveraging new printing technology and the power of digital innovations, Direct Mail will continue to be a powerful tool in any marketers’ toolbox.

Scott Pinkney, Creative Director, BBDO/Proximity,

Friday Nov. 22


10:15 AM

Bringing Mail & Email Together

Learn how incorporating email into your communication and sales processes can provide lift results and improve campaign metrics. Through real B2B and B2C case studies, Geoff will demonstrate how to integrate email for acquisition, prospect nurturing and measured ROI. In this session you’ll learn how to: whether to put email before or after your physical campaigns, integrate email with your physical communications, use email to nurture prospects and grow existing accounts, set up the infrastructure necessary to support email marketing for your organization, efficiently grow an opt-in email list…Geoff Linton, Co-founder & VP, Inbox Marketer

11:15 AM

Keeping print relevant in an increasingly digital world

Mobile marketing, QR codes, augmented reality, iPads and other tablet devices – these are all new communication alternatives to print. In this panel discussion you will learn how the Canadian printing industry can continue to keep relevant in the minds of CMOs and customers by combining the strength of print with electronic communications technologies

Panel Discussion moderated by Amy Bostock, DM News

12:15 PM

Thou Shall Not Live by Direct Mail Alone

Examine concepts of cross-media marketing and how physical, digital and traditional media can work together to bring greater effectiveness and ROI to your client’s business

Andy Sampogna, Direct Marketing, Senior Advisor, Canada Post

1:15 PM

Two Powerful Multi-Channel Campaigns to Highlight Yours and Your Clients’ Brands

The first technique utilizes offline customer appreciation and incentive targeting to pull your audience into an online funnel producing lead generation, social sharing, goodwill and creating additional and more profitable sales. Example a client that sells items through large chain department stores.

The second technique takes the activities our businesses are doing every day such as poster, brochure, flyer, business card, and newspaper advertising and coordinates these with special events including trade shows to capitalize not only on building a great buzz but also getting sales results and beefing up your ongoing marketing reach.

Brian represents Easypromos a company with 50,000 clients including top brands such as Zara Fashions where they help businesses an agencies boost their lead generation and client appreciation campaigns. Brian McNeil-Smith, Founder, Easy Promos NA


2:15 PM

AMPLIFY Direct Response

Using a combination of Direct Mail, Email Marketing and social media sharing we will examine how you can generate 50% + response rates on promotion campaigns.

Derek Lackey, C.E.O., e10 Egency

3:15 PM

Bring Print To Life with Augmented Reality

There is a strong desire for innovation in print. Layar is a world’s leading platform for augmented reality and interactive print. They enable publishers and advertisers to enrich their print material with engaging digital experiences – all without hiring developers or installing software.

See how printers, publishers, brands and services around the world are using Layar to captivate audiences enabling them to: grow their business, increase customer and brand engagement, achieve higher conversion rates, get competitive added value for advertising

Nigel Newton, Country Manager, Layar App